Position Availible: Weed Carrier For Yung Berg

01.15.09 9 years ago 32 Comments

LMAO @ this whole video.  Not sure when this took place, but I’m assuming it was before he ventured to Detroit last year. From Berg falling off the moped to the officers pulling marijuana out his pocket, his manager fleeing with “$50,000” in jewelry after assaulting an officer (and getting away), the whole scene is just a comedy of errors. I’ve seen tougher characters on Parking Wars. ‘Ol girl on the back casually slipped away rather slyly too, didn’t she?

Lessons learned?

1. Everyone is not a Ruff Ryder.

2. Weed is still illegal, not “that’s just marijuana.”

3. Saying “I’m an artist” translates to “Please put the cuffs on as tight as possible” in cop-speak. Say you’re Plaxico Burress or something.

3. In this wacky world of ours, the cameras are always watching & rolling.

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