Presenting A Hilariously Sad Defense Of Tony Romo

04.04.13 4 years ago 77 Comments

When the Cowboys announced last week that they and Tony Romo agreed on a six-year contract extension with $55 million in guaranteed money, the world shat white-hot searing ridicule all over them. And while it’s true that Romo doesn’t suck nearly as much as his staunchest haters will tell you, he has definitely earned his reputation of coming apart in huge moments.

It’s gotten to the point that most Cowboys fans despair about the idea of having Romo around for at least the next few years. Surprisingly, some people want to assure them. Not sure why. You’d think we want Cowboys fans as despondent and quiet as possible, but ESPN’s NFC East Blog writer Dan Graziano, usually a pretty solid analyst, is on the task.

Reading the whole thing is worth a chuckle, but here are some key phrases:

The Cowboys have seen enough good from Romo to warrant hope that he won’t always be bad when they need him the most.

Romo’s career is not simply a laundry list of choke jobs.

Romo is certainly good enough to win playoff games and a championship for the Cowboys. The fact that he hasn’t done it yet doesn’t rule out the possibility that it could happen someday.

But oh, could it be worse, Cowboys fans.

“Romo’s not just a choker! He’s won a bunch of games to get to the games where he choked! What if one day he doesn’t blow it in the big moment? That could, like, totally happen!”

Graziano hit a lot of good talking points for Romo apologia, but we thought we would help him out and add a few more:

— Zero Super Bowl interceptions.

— He’s still on his original neck. Not every NFL quarterback can say that.

— Greatest Cowboy quarterback ever except for Roger Staubach, Don Meredith, Troy Aikman and Danny White.

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