Presenting The Tepid Battle Of Stars Who Didn’t Opt Out Or Belong To A Super Bowl Team

01.30.11 7 years ago 72 Comments

I know that in view of the impending lockout that we should be savoring anything even slightly redolent of the NFL, seeing as how after next Sunday it very well might be two years until our beloved league of leagues returns. But even seen through the prism of future abandonment, the Pro Bowl holds little appeal. I’m sure the cheerleaders in grass skirts will be nice, though.

And we won’t even get to see Rex Ryan coaching the AFC side thanks to the stupid new rule imposed last year that states that the team with the superior regular season record to lose in the divisional round must send their coaching staff, as opposed to the team that lost in the conference championship. Always thrilling to watch Bill Belichick angrily run up the score in a game where absolutely no one cares.

But maybe you’re a dedicated enough obsessive to tune in anyway for the one halfway amusing moment/excessive hit on a punter that will doubtlessly be posted on a dozen blogs the next day. For you, this is your forum. Wait, there’s really nothing else on tonight besides “Big Love” and “Shameless”? Am I actually kind of upset that this game is preempting an episode of “Bob’s Burgers”? Didn’t Sunday night have great TV not too long ago? I might get suckered into watching some of this after all.

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