Press Button To Operate Donkeys (Also, Links)

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*press* *press* *press* *press* *press* *press* *press*

Alternate caption: “Press it?  Oh no, sir. I will PUNCH the donkey button.”

A Guide To Meeting Famous People [

Blockbuster’s Bankrupt. Will Netflix Drop The Ball? [UproxxNews]

Verbatim Perfects Weightlessness, Thieves Perfect Vacuums [UproxxNews]

Saw VIII: Bieber comes alive [Filmdrunk]

Corgi FridayAHHHHHH!!! [WarmingGlow]

India is not a good sports environment [WithLeather]

McDonald’s Gets A Fresh Look [TheSmokingSection]

Adorable Sand Cat kittens at The Parken Zoo in Sweden [Buzzfeed]

The Forgotten First-Person Shooters You Need to Play [UGO]

Girl That Can Fold In Half (video) [EgoTV]

The Funniest Stop Motion Picture You’ll See in A While [Uncoached]

Frank Miller Makes History Awesome [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: Jim Hosking explains the importance of awards in advertising in this not at all creepy and uncomfortable PSA. [via Twitch]

[Pictures via Willzone]

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