Pro Bowl Streaker Did It For Her Paralyzed Cousin And Was Freed By Deion

01.28.14 4 years ago 38 Comments

There was a streaker on the field during the fourth quarter of the Pro Bowl, which was also one of the few noteworthy things to happen at the Pro Bowl. Though people generally like to see fans on the field, the stunt seldom ends well for the one who actually does it. The same was assumed for Katrina Torres, the woman who ran on the field on Sunday. Were it not for Deion Sanders hearing the story of why she did it and interceding on her behalf, she would likely have been arrested and subject to a fine.

But the few seconds Torres got on national TV meant the world to her cousin Gary, who was watching in New Mexico.

“He can’t talk, but he was just smiling a lot and he was just fist pumping. They said as soon as we saw you jump, his face just lit up and he was just fist pumping and stuff so that made it so worth it for me,” Torres said.

Gary got in a motorcycle accident two years ago and is now paralyzed and can’t talk. He always wanted to go to the Pro Bowl and was supposed to go this year, but it was too difficult.

So Torres, a New Mexico native who moved to Hawaii five years ago, promised him that she would run across the field for him. She even had the phrase, “I did it for Gary” written on her back.

“I just wanted to keep my promise, stay true to my word. And I had told my mom, I told my auntie, my grandma. I was like, ‘I’m gonna do this. You guys might have to bail me out’. And they were so for it,” Torres said.

As it turns out, no one had to bail her out. After security guards caught her, team captain Deion Sanders heard her story and came to the rescue.

Good on Deion for keeping her out of jail and good on her for going through on a risky promise to her cousin. Torres is still technically punished for the act with a one-year ban from Aloha Stadium, though I couldn’t tell you one event they hold at that venue other than the Pro Bowl.

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