Prodigy – “Live” Video

09.10.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Prodigy continues his post Mobb Deep career with his video for “Live” off his H.N.I.C. mixtape. This visuals themselves are extremely gruesome, so beware before clicking play if you’re averse to that sort of thing.

Now, I mentioned Mobb Deep earlier for a reason. It’s no secret around these parts that I’m their resident Stan and the amount of shit I’ve taken for it the last few months is pretty justified given what’s transpired. The divorce has been just about as messy as it can get short of the two killing each other and admittedly it’s been hard to see all this play out the way it has, despite the group not being relevant for a few years now.

From the outside looking in, it all appears to be Havoc’s fault. And he hasn’t helped that image either by cussing fans out on Twitter and even going as far as using Chris Lighty’s passing to take shots at his former partner. Thus far, Prodigy’s (very surprisingly) been the one holding his tongue, and I’ve still yet to hear him publicly utter a signal disparaging word about Havoc. Of course, P isn’t any saint himself, and it definitely takes two people to create an issue of this magnitude. We just haven’t heard anything out of his mouth, yet.

But no doubt, the damage has been done. In an earlier post, someone in the comments said something to the effect of, “what these two don’t understand is that nobody gives a fuck about Havoc and nobody gives a fuck about Prodigy. People give a fuck about Mobb Deep, and that’s it.” And that’s probably the most factual statement that’s been said regarding these two in years.

In light of all this fuckery, Mobb Deep is over (obviously). Havoc as a rapper was never that great, so he probably won’t make any more significant contributions to Hip-Hop in that aspect. Prodigy sounds better now than a few years ago, but still is well short of his prime. He, too, will more than likely fade away in time.

However, Hav still has the advantage, because he’s a dog with multiple tricks. As a producer, his beats are still serviceable and he’ll probably be able to make a living on that tip. P won’t be so lucky though. I caught his set at Rock the Bells and it was quite easily the emptiest crowd the entire festival. He may as well have been rapping at asphalt, which again only goes to show nobody can find a fuck to give about either of these guys as solo artists.

So hey, at the end of the day, yeah it sucks the curtain had to close like this but Mobb Deep delivered a trifecta of arguable classics back-to-back-to-back. Even though I discovered their music much later, almost all of my adolescent years have been marked by their music, and for that I’m forever grateful.

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