Progress: Owners and players agree to stop talking for a while

02.10.11 7 years ago 38 Comments

Christ, what an asshole.

The two sides of the labor dispute were supposed to meet today in Washington DC, but they decided to call it off. Why you ask? Because they’re simply too far apart to bother talking about it.

It’s a great plan, really. If they had met today all they would do is argue about money, and when has that ever solved anything? No, the best move is to not meet with each other. Perhaps they could take this a step further and announce that they have no plans of negotiating in the future. Then instead of coming to an agreement they can let time do all of the work for them. Because time heals all wounds. Except for the ones fans will inflict on owners if so much as one day of training camp is cancelled.

Fuck this.

For more on this shit show check out Drew’s Lockout Jamboroo. It has poop stories. Sadly, they don’t involve Roger Goodell being buried in the stuff.

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