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03.18.13 5 years ago 22 Comments

Here’s an animated short goofing on Roger Goodell and his ongoing quest to protect the shield from the no-account ne’er-do-wells of the football world. It’s from last year, but I’d never seen it before. Confident I’m not the only one. Besides, it’s not like laughing at The Rog ever gets old.

— Robert Kraft said the Patriots offered Wes Welker more money than he eventually accepted with the Broncos and that Tom Brady never demanded that Welker be re-signed. Kraft also emphasized that he doesn’t answer to Tom Brady, which doesn’t really matter since he said Brady didn’t make a big fuss over the move, but whatever – Kraft wants us to know he’s powerful.

— Jets owner Woody Johnson claims that we haven’t seen the best of Mark Sanchez yet. If the Buttfumble wasn’t the peak of derpdom, I’m eager to see what 2013 has in store for us.

— Chad Johnson would still like to be paid to play professional football. Andre Johnson told him he’d speak to the Texans on Chad’s behalf. However unlikely, I’m in favor of this, just to see what conversations Ocho and Arian Foster might have.

— The Buccaneers are trying to trade LeGarrette Blount. Best of luck with that. Getting a pick in one of our KSK mock drafts would a huge haul.

— Uniwatch will be added to the fake Twitter feed that works as a running commentary of career mode of the next Madden game. Pretty sure I haven’t played anything but ranked online games with Madden for about two years, but Uniwatch does good work, so nice to see them get recognition, no matter how arcane.

— Because of a scheduling conflict with an Orioles game, the Ravens may have to play their season-opening Thursday night game on the road. They can’t move the home opener up to that Wednesday because of Rosh Hashanah. Jews and the refs, always picking on the Ravens, am I right?

— Ryan Fitzpatrick is in talks with the Bengals and the Titans, and possibly a few other teams who want to provide a weak push to their uninspiring starting quarterback.

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