Summing Up Our Finish Line + Puma Experience

10.29.13 4 years ago 16 Comments

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The bad news first: we didn’t get the most votes in Finish Line’s “Who Wore It Best?” contest. Therefore, we technically came in second. Now, with that out of way, let’s quickly shift to the good news.

The upside to the experience was we had a strong showing of involvement and support from everybody who comes through here plus our friends from across the web. To me, that’s a big deal because people online tend to be inactive*, unless they’re reacting to something negatively. Even though we’ve – and I mean us as a staff and the people who rule the comments section – cultivated a mostly positive experience here, most web folk tend to only drop comments when they have something negative to say.

If you don’t believe it, just take a look around next time you’re browsing and notice the commentary. People who agree with whatever has been written generally don’t comment. That’s until the first or one of those early responders comes in and says something negative. Then, the heavy reactions flow, both positive and negative, before it turns into a free-for-all.

I’m glad to say that our community isn’t made up of people who find themselves as quiet visitors**. Nope, we get active. An article goes up, the comments flow. We push for a call to action, and people start moving. For the FNL contest, the total votes we got were cool but I was more excited by the number of shares and comments that showed up. Hitting “Like” was easy and appreciated; seeing people take a few extra seconds to drop a note here and/or on Facebook or to pass word along to their friends was greater.

All of it sort of goes back to my previous account on how people, not the final prize are becoming more important to me. Sure, I got a free pair of Pumas that, coincidentally, I was angling to pick up anyway because the model piqued my interest*** ****. However, shoes aren’t that big of a deal since I can buy my own damn shoes and do so without any throwing them up on here, Instagram or any of the pomp and circumstance associated with footwear these days. Seeing people moved to action, even for a contest of minor significance to them, was dope.

So, thank you. Thanks to Puma plus Brando and the team of creatives over at Finish Line for involving us in the experience. And thanks to everybody here who helped keep The Fresh going.

* — Don’t ever be that inactive part of the online experience. When you find dope shit, don’t keep it as a secret. Share it! Drop comments. Get the word out to friends and fam. You may not be the person who created it, but anyone can be one of the people who helps to carry it on to the next person.

** — I’ve always said that our community is as integral as us as writers. We put music and assorted items of interest on the table, then the comments section and everybody connected to us on social networks take the conversation to a higher level.

*** — I’ve been bored with Nike for a minute, which has all but slowed down sneaker-related entries here. At this point, the products they’re putting out look to be a lot of variations using the same tech and repetitive colorways. Their idea seems to be to slap everything in a pack, put a name on it and see if it sells. Maybe the Swoosh can pick it up a bit since we’re heading into holiday season. In fact, we need them to because as they go, so goes the footwear industry.

**** — Currently on the prowl for this stealth/reflective version. If you see a size 13, shoot me a line.

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