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01.28.13 5 years ago 25 Comments

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There is a Puppy Bowl locker room cam. This is important. You can safe yourself considerable anguish by watching this instead of bothering with Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday. It will make the week go much faster. And puppies just might be a touch cuter than fat sportswriters asking about the Harbaugh brothers’ upbringing. Just a guess. I haven’t actually seen this year’s press corps. I hear it is quite extensive.

— Alex Smith will ask for his release from the 49ers prior to the start of free agency, according to reports. That’s not the Most Valuable Mensch that PK knows!

— We already had a Tecmo Bowl prediction that the 49ers are going to win on Sunday. Now here’s a simulated Madden game saying the Ravens will win Super Bowl XLVII. Gonna have to go to NFL Blitz for the tiebreak, I’m afraid.

— Roger Goodell did an AMA on Reddit today, giving fans ample opportunity to ask pointed questions he’d disregard in favor of chances to explain how the NFL is gonna get rid of CTE in our lifetime.

— A respectable rant by a Masshole against the horrible Boston sportswriter establishment. Doesn’t make me feel bad for Boston fans, but I’ll take some Shaughnessy bashing anytime.

— LeSean McCoy had a monster Twitter fight with his baby mama on Saturday, wherein she told the world Shady has herpes. This eventually led LeSean to delete his account. Sadly, deleting the herp ain’t quite that easy.

— Terrell Owens and Jerome Bettis, who you may have heard once bowled a 300 game and is from Detroit, both apparently own bowling teams and it’s not quite the money pit you might expect.

— The folks over at Busted Coverage have determined that J.J. Watt is likely dating U.S. soccer star Sydney Leroux. Since he’s fond of the Mutombo finger wag, I can only assume she’s heard “WHO WANTS TO SEX WATT?” a couple times by now.

— Torrey Smith celebrated his 24th birthday on Saturday and got this awesome cake in the shape of his helmet and Super Bowl jersey. Only thing that could make it better is if there were Champ Bailey candles to burn.

— Bernard Pollard said he doesn’t think the NFL will exist in 30 years. That means future generations of bonecrushers will have to find other ways to force reporters to stare at their dick.

— What if the HarBowl was Little Giants? With Final Cut and a couple half-assed jokes, it is! Because brother coaches!

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