Watch Pusha T Talk ‘King Push’ Album, Being Back With The Neptunes And Almost Getting Robbed In London

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Carry on like a carry-on on my side b*tch I let tag along

In nine informative minutes, Brother Thornton sits down with Montreality to answers questions both personal and professional, in a way that only he can. The profile is thorough, covering a wide range of topics.

On The “realest sh*t” he’s ever wrote (4:14):

“The realest album, the release verses I ever wrote were Hell Hath No Furry... Just, period… It was a bit too real. And I think some people are paying for that right now.”

King Push (4:40):

“It’s in the beginning stages. I’ve been in [the studio] with Pharrell and Chad. I was in Miami for a while so any producer that was down there, I would try to link up with in between time with the Neptunes, just to see what they got… that’s the plan. I’m not forcing any of this music. It has to live up to the title King Push.”

The Grammys (5:34):

“Macklemore, he won as well… You know, people are sort of in an uproar about it, and I just think that’s a personal opinion thing… I think Kendrick had the best album in that time frame. But, it’s cool. Macklemore won, and I think Macklemore had one of the best grinds I’ve ever seen in music. It’s whatever. You can respect it from either way.”

That’s just a snippet of what ends up being a lot of info to dissect. More topics include favorite cartoon character as a kid (hint: you won’t guess it, so just watch the video at 3:37), his first job (1:17) and people trying to rob the Clipse after a show in London (6:29).

First off, it’d be great to know what producers are joining the Neptunes for the beats on King Push. I’m sure he has his pick of the litter from the Mike Will Made Its and Hit-Boys of the world. Maybe even Kanye, if their schedules match. But what if – and this might only sound like a good idea to me – Pharrell gets his Daft Punk buddies into the studio? A bit far-fetched, sure, but you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t listen to that track.

And secondly, how on-point is Pusha’s attitude? Something about seeing rap guy walk around with such laid-back, determined confidence makes me want to be a better man. That “I’m the best, and I know it” kind of mentality. The Miami University Hurricanes had it. Ric Flair had it. The Clipse definitely had it.

And Pusha? You already know. As he’d be happy to tell you, the Re-Up Gang is far from dead. King Push is coming soon.

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