QOTD: Do You Have A Side Chick?

04.22.13 4 years ago 90 Comments

Trinidad Jame$ fueled a healthy, funny conversation for us and Twitter, too. A few days ago, we watched people go at each others throats regarding “the main bitch, the side bitches” and all the other bitches Trinidad speaks on in his new single “Females Welcomed.”

As for us here at TSS, we promote healthy relationships. You know, ones with honesty, communication, respect and all that other jazz Dr. Phil pushes. But sometimes, having side options just happens. Like you know, you may take one girl to a restaurant one night then another one a few nights later only to have the waiter throw you under the bus making note of your previous visit. From there, you’re back-peddling more than Deion Sanders trying to cover your ass as to why the situation feels strange and that person #2 is really person #1 because there’s only one person. Crazy shit like that.

Or then, you may be the side piece and UOENO. Like, there’s this girl you may have smoked with and well, yeah, more times than you can count back when Lil Wayne was still a consistently dope rapper. It was nothing more than puff-puff-smash-dash, but things get weird when she sees you in a public setting and introduces you to her boyfriend who just got back from overseas. Did we mention he looks like the first coming of Jadeveon Clowney? And then she texts you six hours later asking if you want to smoke again and that her boyfriend is gone. Of course, you never go because the entire situation smelled like a set up, and not weed.

Nahh, we’d never condone any of those actions. But we’re also not here to judge either. Tell us your stories here at TSS aka Side Piece Anonymous.

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