QOTD: What’s Your Most Played Song?

04.17.13 4 years ago 87 Comments

If the world saw the behind-the-scenes debates between the Crew about our choices in music, we’d probably either be more entertaining than those Love & Hip-Hop flunkies or either in jail awaiting trial for quadruple homicide. We cover a lot of music around these parts. Some we love. Some we don’t particularly care for (i.e. it’s sh*t). Yet, even our choices of tunes surprise us. The Crew assembled for this rather unique QOTD. It’s not our “favorite” songs, but ones that receive the most play on our iPods, iPads, Mac, CD players (what?) and, in some cases, cassette players. The selections range from typical to WTF, but that’s how we like it.

So enough about us. What’s your most played song on iTunes? Don’t lie either. All of y’all aren’t waking up listening to vintage Ice Cube. We know it’s some NSync or Miley Cyrus in there. The truth will set you free.

Big Sean – “I Do It”

In my opinion, Sean can be hit or miss. But, between my love for most things Legendary Traxster and overall Detroit bias, there are more than enough reasons why this potent street single from Finally Famous stayed atop my rotation in recent years. Yet, the most glaring might be how Sean simply destroys this wobbly, speaker destroyer with an infinite amount of effortless flows and shows why he can indeed be an A-list MC in ideal circumstances. — Beware

David Ruffin – “Common Man”

One of my worst flaws is being a victim of hyperbole, so I sat on this claim for a few days before revealing it to the world. “Common Man” is a perfect song. Seriously, go ahead and overanalyze it convincing yourself a flaw actually exists. It’s Grade A from the instrumental, to the melody to even the story behind the lyrics. It’s all there. And when taking into consideration the song would later help produce one of Jay-Z’s finest records in “Never Change,” I feel even more confident in the assertion. — J. Tinsely

Jay-Z – “U Don’t Know” (Remix) (Feat. M.O.P.)

Everybody has their own personal, secret anthem and this record gets me amped for pretty much anything. For years, in advance of workouts, job interviews, midterms, bowling, and pretty much anything in between “U Don’t Know (Remix)” just puts me in that aggressive, kill-or-be-killed mood. Actually, most of M.O.P.’s discography does that handily, but throw Hov in the mix and you get the greatest stomping out record of all time. OF ALL TIME! — Raj

Alicia Keys – “That’s How Strong My Love Is”

Ok, ok. So someone had to have the love song. I have good reasoning, though. See, what had happened was…I fell asleep while listening to the smooth sounds of The Element Of Freedom, and I accidentally hit that repeat button twice on the iPod, making the song play all night, gathering up 300+ plays.

Aight, that was obviously a lie. But you can’t deny the heartfelt crooning from Mrs. Beatz. Her keystrokes and debonair production simply keep you coming back. 2010 was a breakup year for DS, so the makeup-to-breakup songs stayed on repeat. “That’s How Strong…” just stood the test of time. — Darius Sinclair™

Kanye West – “Street Lights”

808s & Heartbreak is populated by songs featuring tribal drums, animal squeals, and choruses fit for Broadway. But it’s the lullaby-esque “Street Lights” – with its quiet, peaceful melancholy – that over the years has become a personal favorite of mine for playing on an endless loop (enough for it to shoot to number one on my most played list). — Samir S.

Ne-Yo featuring Jamie Foxx & Fabolous – “She Got Her Own” (Miss Independent Part 2)

Obviously, there’s no part of the “She Got Her Own (Miss Independent Remix)” with Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, and Fabolous that I don’t adore. Jamie and Ne-Yo’s voices mesh well, Fab just sounds great on R&B songs, and I’d be lying if I said that the message of the song wasn’t one that resonates with me. — Julie J.

Killer Mike – “A.D.I.D.A.S.”

I really wish there was some ultra cool, critical reasoning behind the selection of Killer’s breakout hit from Monster, but their isn’t. Technology wins here because I do most of my listening in my truck and every time I plug in my iPod, it plays this track by default for some unexplainable reason. Thankfully, I’m a Mike fan so I’m never bothered when it happens. — Gotty™

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