What It’s Like To Listen To Que’s New Song “F*** Around” In .GIFs

06.06.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

I listened to “F** Around,” produced by Sonny Digital and starring Que and Bankroll Fresh.

The first 30 seconds went something like this:

It didn’t hit off the bat like some of the artists’ other hits but damn if it wasn’t catchy.

The next 30 seconds looked like:

Definitely getting there. No doubt about it.

And the next 30 seconds? Uhhhh…

Whew! And it rides out like that until the song closes.

Que gets it. Making hits isn’t a lightning-in-a-bottle thing. His gruff delivery and ability to concoct addicting hooks continues to impress. Sonny Digital has to be considered DJ Mustard’s Atlanta counterpart at this point, this beat providing even more evidence. His finger is directly on the ATL’s pulse. And Bankroll Fresh definitely holds his own amongst the bright stars.

#NewAtlanta? #NewAtlanta.

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