The iPod Shuffle – Queen Pen Feat. Lost Boyz’s “Party Ain’t A Party”

07.16.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Back when being a successful female rapper didn’t require turning out bubblegum for the masses, Queen Pen delivered a mean-mugging club-rocker with the name-appropriate “Party Ain’t A Party.” Rolling up twenty blunts and browsing through the bar with Mr. Cheeks & The Lost Boyz, this nasally Teddy Reilly protege turned the Blackstreet leader’s beat into a Top 50 radio jam without leaving her nonsensical comfort zone. Since that can’t be said for most artists these days, in general, it’s an admirable testament to her creative stance.

However, for all we know, that stubbornness is also probably why she’s now writing books instead of making music.

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