Question Of The Day: Ever Admired A Rapper, Met Them & Now Hate Them?

07.28.12 5 years ago 179 Comments

A few weeks ago, Rapper A released a track that was bangin’. With no questions asked, we posted the track…but dear Yahweh, dude is my least favorite entertainer ever after having met him in person.

Rapper A* ranks as a second-team all time great – meaning he’ll never make most people’s “Top 5 Dead Or Alive” but his name gets mentioned in the next round. His catalog’s deep, his stage performance is dope. Yet, he was such a prima donna when I met him and we were in a situation where we were working together for a couple of hours that it left me with a bad taste for him as a person. There wasn’t one specific thing he did and he never did anything to me directly. It was just that his whole aura was negative regarding everything…until he got on stage, went into performance mode and proceeded to rock that sh*t.

Still, when his name is mentioned my first reaction is “Man, that dude’s a real dick but his music bangs.” Most times, I manage to keep the info to myself but every now and then I’ll unconsciously mutter the phrase “he’s a dick” without realizing it.

So for today’s QoTD, we ask “Have you ever liked an artist until you met them and it changed your whole perception of who they were?”**

On a semi-related note, Chamillionaire’s Michael Jordan story story never gets too stale to share again. Never. Not ever.

*Out of respect to friends with close ties to Rapper A, no I won’t name his name. And still, I like dude’s music too much to air him out for maybe having an off-night during a public appearance. Then again, maybe I will if we get enough people sharing their stories.

**Groupies need not reply. Take your walk of shame like a champ and shut up.

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