R.I.P. Jason Babin

05.30.12 5 years ago 31 Comments

Eagles defensive end Jason Babin said he plans to travel to Spain prior to the start of training camp in July to participate in the Running of the Bulls. Notes flubby: “I hate how they calling it running with the bulls like they’re training for a half marathon with their neighbor, who just happens to be an Iberian bovine. It ought to be called running from the bulls.” RIFF! RIFFFFFFF!

Babin just returned from a 12-day survivalist expedition in Alaska, where he had been hunting bears and drinking a lot of his own piss, so the guy clearly has a bent for the XTREEM.

“It’s kind of a rite of passage,” Babin said Wednesday after his first OTA. “It’s a stamp. I guess in my brain I have a figurative man card that’s got certain punches that need to be punched out.”

“Everyone thinks it’s dangerous and hazardous,” Babin said. But it’s not, if “done correctly and soberly,” he added.

“Bulls can’t turn the corner on cobblestone, so as long as you’re on the inside you’re going to be alright,” Babin said. “I broke the tape down like game film.”

I suppose this is game film of which he speaks. Get it, bro. Punch that man card. Have any issues? That’s what MANswers is for!

Then again, while a lot of the gorings that happened are the result of plain old idiocy and laziness, one must also account for the likelhood that those same idiots will also cause other people to get nailed by the bulls.

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