Rainn Wilson Knows How To Cash In On Twitter

10.27.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Just last month Rainn Willson got into a twitter fight with McDonald’s over the lack of nutritional value in fast food, specifically the fast food the chain serves. But now he’s apparently accepting money to tweet about Del Taco…

When I initially saw this last night I thought this was a joke — just Rainn Wilson being Rainn Wilson on Twitter by appearing to accidentally post a DM to his assistant trashing the joint, only to tweet about them afterwards — but the chain’s unwillingness to neither confirm or deny whether or not Wilson is being paid to tweet about them (“At Del Taco, we do not discuss our advertising or promotional contracts,” a spokesperson told ABC) leads me to believe that he is actually being paid to tweet about them.

So now I’m confused: is Rainn Wilson a hypocrite for taking money to shill for fast food after previously trashing such culinary abominations, or is he a hero for taking Del Taco’s money and then proceeding to sh*t all over them?

Somebody please tell me what I should think about this because I’m brain dead.

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