“That’s What I Wanted To Do To Hip-Hop…”

11.24.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

“…tsunami it out.”

Gotty™ v. LC debates are frequent, but rarely heated. He pushes me toward levels of thought I would believe to run perpendicular to my own, but indeed often run parallel on a different plane. But one thing we will never agree on is public radio.

For G, NPR is nap-time music that will put a bright-eyed driver into a ditch. For me, it’s the most informative and intimate story-telling medium there is for a reporter. It’s my bread and butter and my way of life. But whether you side with Sir Gottsdale or you side with this RMF Queen B, you’ll surely enjoy all that the mutually adored Rakim has to say on this weekend’s “All Things Considered” from NPR. The piece is in true NPR nerdy style, but it’s also far more personal and in-depth than you’d get with any “Where Hip-Hop and R&B live” WJLB-type commercial station.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Listen — NPR’s “All Things Considered” With Rakim

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