Ram Your Stinger Into This Pile Of Green Hornet Stuff

01.06.11 7 years ago

Your car looks weird.

Today we’re bringing you five new clips and some posters from Korea for Green Hornet.  Also, this gives me an opportunity to post this quote from Seth Rogen completely out of context:

“He’s kind of douchebag. A somewhat entertaining douchebag, but a douchebag all the same.” [ContactMusic]

What can I say? If I have an opportunity to call The Green Hornet a douchebag and blame it on somebody else, I’ll take it.

Bigger versions of the posters and the five clips are after the jump, including a brief Christoph Waltz scene, confirmation that Eddie Furlong is still alive, and a look at “Kato-vision”, how Kato sees things when he’s kicking ass.  It’s a little Sherlock Holmes, but at least I can frikkin’ tell what’s happening.  Are you reading this, Paul Greengrass?  I bet he is.  Waiting for Matt Damon to call.  *shakes fist, realizes it could never shake as fast as Greengrass’s camera, gives up*

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