Randy Moss Is Back, Y’all

02.13.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Randy already meeting with Buffalo. *slide-whistle*

Today is Randy Moss’ 35th birthday, which is a pretty good occasion to announce on a USTREAM chat that he wants to return to the NFL. Even better time: every birthday thereafter. He was last seen in the league in 2010 playing not very well for the Patriots, Vikings and Titans.

We won’t harbor any illusions that Moss can return to his dominating form of yore, but we stand behind his getting on an NFL roster in any capacity if for no better reason than because we miss his backcountry real talk.

When the Redskins inevitably give in to Sally Jenkins’ demands and sign Peyton Manning, he’s gonna need a receiver. Perfect fit, I’d argue. So c’mon Danny, gas up the jet and bring bears and $24 million guaranteed.

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