13 Critically Acclaimed Rap Albums That Didn’t Age Well

10.29.13 4 years ago 166 Comments

Intro By Greg Whitt

In modern music criticism and discussion, we throw the word classic around with the same sense of purpose that an old man tosses stale bread to pigeons in a park. I’ve thoughtlessly drooled it after a few too many drinks with friends, formed retorts to arguments with it in emails to my TSS family, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve even written it on these very digital pages once or twice. Enough is enough.

Determining whether a piece of art is a classic, whatever that even means anymore, requires two elements, thoughtful meditation on the work and time. Time will always reveal. So we bring to you today a group of albums that were all critically acclaimed upon their release—some even receiving the instant classic label—that, after some time, aren’t passing the smell test. Each writer’s picks are our own, so please direct your venom at the appropriate target and let’s discuss 13 albums that didn’t age well.

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