Want To Know When Your Favorite Rapper Gets Out Of Jail?

09.23.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


As if Monday isn’t depressing enough on its own, a new website may have you sobbing into your five dollar foot long at lunch today.

Rap Clocks counts down the prison sentences of your favorite incarcerated emcees to the second. While that includes Lauren Hill and Fat Joe’s tax evasion-related skid bids, it also serves a collection of some of the saddest stories in Hip-Hop history. If the football numbers next to Max B’s name don’t make you wonder about what could’ve been, then the dashes under C-Murder’s name indicating that he won’t ever live as a free man again, will.

The site also lists lost talents on the verge like Bump J, who was primed to ride the Kanye and Twista led emergence of the Chicago rap scene into stardom, before a robbery conviction stopped his momentum before it started. There’s some hope to be had on Rap Clocks. Seeing that Boosie has a little over a year left on his eight-year sentence is a hopeful sign of his soon-to-come return. Then again, though he has less than two years left before his release, Beanie Sigel may be the saddest inclusion of all. His issues with the law are the main reason that he didn’t come close to maximizing his hall of fame level talent.

For all the talk about which rappers are real, and which rappers are soft, not enough ink is spilled to describe the real life consequences of life in the streets. Forget street credibility, and think about the families, friends, and lives affected by this collection of artists who couldn’t make the right decisions, and are paying with irretrievable years of their lives.

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