Rap Genius Wiped Away By Google For Attempting To Manipulate Search Engine

12.26.13 4 years ago 54 Comments

The fellas over at Rap Genius are in hot water. Allow me to lay the scene in chronological order.

— Rap Genius, popular rap lyric database, made a Facebook post offering blogs an opportunity to become “afilliated.”

— Internet sleuth/general hero John Marbach responded in earnest, and engaged in a pretty sketchy back-and-fourth with RG co-founder Mahbod Moghadam. More details can be found in Marbach’s excellent personal account. Here’s a snippet:

“– RapGenius wants to grow quickly.

— In order to grow quickly, they need to rank well on Google searches for Justin Bieber’s new songs.

— In order to rank well, they need backlinks with anchor text that specifically mention Bieber’s songs.

— They are reaching out to their friends asking for backlinks in exchange for a tweet.

It’s surprising to me that Rap Genius, a company with $15 million in financing, would openly execute such a frugal strategy for their link-building efforts. There are many consulting firms and savvy internet marketers that specialize in this work. We’ll see what Google decides for their efforts.”

And like the omnipotent power that it is, Lord Google was none too pleased when it found out about the website’s shady technique. So it banished that dishonest scalawag Rap Genius to the sixth and seven pages of its search engine, where it will remain until resolution is found (which could be soon).


This amounts to very little. A slap on the wrist for a website that is still worth over $15 million.

And that’s f*cked.

It bothers me – just makes my blood boil – that a group of Yale bros is going to continue to make money off of a genre that anybody reading this holds sacred. From a consumer standpoint, they can keep their Oxford-English translation of my favorite Kendrick Lamar song. The entire insinuation here, as Jordan Sargent of Gawker points out, “is that rappers are too dumb to use “correct” English.” That some Ivy Leaguers are needed to bridge the gap between mouth-breaking rap-star and the rest of the free-thinking adult world.

So, for that alone…


But then, I’m just being a hater; so it is what it is. Rap Genius will probably be fine in the long run, and continue to pull in biticon by the bundles. So, congrats, dudes. Next line of cocaine is on me. Keep fighting the good fight.

Everyone else, don’t forget!

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