Rapey QBs Allegedly In Contention For Super Bowl Berth

01.23.11 7 years ago 28 Comments

The Jets went through the third-seeded Colts and the top-seed Patriots to get to the AFC title game. To advance to their first Super Bowl in 42 years, Rex’s pussytubing monsters of f*cking will have to get past the Steelers, the third and most recently successful of the AFC’s trio of standard bearer Super Bowl representatives for the last seven seasons. If successful, the Jets would have replicated the Steelers playoff run of 2005, when the 6th seeded Steelers also went through the top three seeds of the AFC on the road en route to Super Bowl XL. Oh God, all the undeserved credit that would be heaped on Sanchise. I can’t even imagine.

Anyway, the Jets beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh for the first time in the team’s history in Week 15, however the Steelers were without Heath Miller and Troy Polamalu, while Darrelle Revis appears to be more healthy now than he was then. Also, it was an entirely different game that has no bearing on what will happen today, so let’s just let it go already.

As for those who drew the likeness between Bart Scott’s postgame interview after beating the Patriots and a vintage WWE vignette, it all makes sense now:

This is 100% true: It’s Bart Scott’s lifelong dream to meet Hulk Hogan. Scott’s met several wrestlers, but not Hulk yet. #nfl #nyjless than a minute ago via web

In other news, James Harrison’s wish is to meet the Headshrinkers (Polamalu can probably hook him up).

An acceptable trophy for Harrison if he makes it to Dallas.

Enjoy the live blog run by KSK commenter par excellence Otto Man. I’m otherwise occupied freezing my ass off watching the game at Heinz Field (expected gametime temperature as I write this on Friday – eight degrees!). I’ll be carrying Rex Ryan-type bulk in extra layers.

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