Rappers Doing Good: 50 Cent Is Right For Once

10.24.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

Full disclosure: I hate 50 Cent. His crab in a barrel road to success, relentless attention whoring and baiting, and ruthless business practices have worked my nerves for the last half a decade. It’s because of 50 that so many people use SoundScan numbers as a barometer for an album’s quality. If 50 never made an album again, continued to make sh*tty straight-to-DVD flicks and fell off the face of the Hip-Hop world forever, I wouldn’t shed a tear. However, today, I find myself siding with Curtis. His Facebook campaign to donate one meal to a starving child per Facebook “like” his Street King page receives has fallen well short of his million “like” goal. As a result, 50 lashed out, as seen in the unedited message below.

The world is so fucked up

People don’t seem to care anymore

People seem to have distanced themselves from other people’s problems, they have been programmed not to care!

Politicians are corrupt…So many companies are corrupt and taking excessive profits in certain sectors…….and we keep allowing this shit to happen

… There are 1 billion plus people living in extreme poverty. You know what that is? You don’t know if your getting your next meal, no shelter, no medical. You have no chance of hustling your way out of it!

We have been programmed to not give a shit about these people!

Well I have woken up and Im not turning a blind eye anymore!

Im not playing the game anymore. Our Company CEO’s and politicians want us to keep our heads down and not ask questions. Not demand the truth

they don’t want us to care, they have trained us to turn a blind eye

Because they control us and profit from us this way!

to push back at them questions and threatens their lifestyles.

Children are dying everyday from hunger. Its fucked up, its wrong and I am angry
Im not going to shut up or give up – fuck the system, its wrong.

wake up we are being used!

Innocent children are dying each day…. we need to shout out to companies, politicians that we aren’t playing their games anymore

We are waking up to their lies and deceitful dealings

Im angry, Im going to make a difference and no one is going to stop me

Join me if your tired of being used and manipulated

Make this world fair for everyone

I have to side with 50’s overall points, but I can’t help but wonder if people hate him so much that they won’t even like his page if it means putting a warm meal in a hungry kid’s mouth. As for me? I “liked” the page. And once those meals get shipped, I’ll go ahead and “unlike.” And speaking of hungry children Curtis Jackson could help, why doesn’t he do something charitable and let Young Buck out of his contract instead of refusing to let him release music and earn money to feed his family. Anyway, the campaign ends today, so you have a chance to offer some last-minute “likes” to feed the hungry.

PS. I don’t understand how companies run campaigns like this. It’s like, they have enough money budgeted to feed a million kids, but since a million people don’t like the page, they just keep the money out of spite? Or is there some sort of income tied to the “likes”? I’d think if they have the money, they should donate the million meals regardless of how many “likes” they get. But again, I don’t really know how these things work.

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