Ratings Dip, Free Furniture For Ravens Fans And More: KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

02.04.13 5 years ago 43 Comments

Empire State Building bathed in Ravens team colors after the Super Bowl. Via Philips

The Super Bowl ratings were up, until they eventually ended down in third place all-time behind last year’s Super Bowl and 2010’s Super Bowl XLV. 108.4 million people tuned in last night, it the numbers dipped due to the blackout.

The Parents Television Council is upset that CBS didn’t immediately dump the audio when Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco exclaimed, “f—— awesome” on the field after the game. Why the Parents Television Council cannot just employ my own parents’ rule of, “Just because a grown-up can say it, doesn’t mean you can and some words are just never appropriate,” and handing their kids an LP of George Carlin’s Class Clown which has “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” as its last track is beyond me. Solid parenting, I came out just f-ing fine.

Jacoby Jones scored more than a just second half kickoff return for a touchdown, customers of Gardiners Furniture in Baltimore were the recipients of $600,000 worth of free furniture because of his 108-yard run thanks to a promotion to credit all purchases made before kickoff on Sunday. It’s fun to see one of these local cash-grabs pay off for fans and non-fans alike from time to time, just because you know it may have been the extra push for people to buy a sofa and it would have been just a little exciting to get back some money without having to bother visiting a casino.

People cannot get enough of calling Beyonce “fierce” and “powerful” after her halftime show. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here with Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, L7, Tina Turner, The Slits, Tammy Wynette, Annie Lennox, Tori Amos, Roberta Flack, Pat Benatar, Bikini Kill, Kate Bush, Chrissie Hynde, Aretha Franklin and Bjork clicking my tongue.

The always reliably amazing Taiwanese Next Media Animation TV has their Super Bowl video up, complete with steamrollers, brother-on-brother violence and a panda bear.  (I would embed it for you, but sadly I cannot. Only our simian overlord can and I’m trying to let him rest after today’s Peter King column. You understand.)

Speaking of people who generally do not watch the NFL, even the college writers had to admit last night’s game was great. If I hadn’t already bonked them all over the head right after the BCS title game, I would set up contrasting drive charts between their championship and ours.

Tiki Barber hosted a Reddit AMA today and had this great quote:

“We live in a post-racial, post suffrage, athletic era and it’s about time the taboo of homosexuality is addressed and we stop judging people based on their sexual preference instead of athletic ability. One of my coaches said this, “I ain’t prejudice against nobody, but a non-baller.”

Have to say, the whole thing is worth a read.  (Disclosure, I happened to be an event for Tiki’s new venture earlier this month to hang out with a few other football writers, but I did not speak with him, nor was I contacted about this AMA. The link was sent along by Ape as I normally do not read Reddit.)

Not American football, but I’m facinated with this story out of Europe about 380 matches being fixed by an organized crime syndicate involving 15 countries and games going all the way up to the Champions League. Why is this important to American football fans? We joke about Al Michaels referencing the betting lines during games, but in reality we should be worried about player and referee tampering. As a fan, it would be devastating to know you cheered for something that was already rigged. (Does not apply to professional wrestling fans.) It’s bad enough allegations of an unqualified head official being wrongly promoted to the championship were made before Super Bowl XLVII.

There are probably about a thousand articles about which commercial you should vote for as being the “best of the Super Bowl” and I’m not going to link to them as voting on something designed to sell you a product makes me feel dirtier than Rodney Harrison taking a mud bath with Mike Vrabal, Cortland Finnegan and Bryan Cox. Instead, go read through the most WTF Commercials From Super Bowl XLVII, because commercials aimed at your emotions in general should make you feel icky inside. (Disclosure, responded to an IM from Ape yesterday with, “Can’t type, crying over horsy commercial.” You try being a woman of my age and not get emotional when you hear “Landslide” played. And that’s the point, to soften me up against large corporate beer interests when I know their distributor program is one of the reasons why getting microbrews on shelves is so difficult in the first place. Go watch BEER WARS and get back to me for discussion. We have all offseason to go over this.) 


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