Ravens-Broncos Season Opener Live Blog – Second Half

09.05.13 4 years ago 1,181 Comments


Hey look – Ray Lewis made it to the game after all. By the way, big lulz that non-clear bags are a big problem for the NFL but you can bring a big stabby thing into a stadium with no problem. Granted, it’s plastic, but don’t act like you couldn’t do some damage with that thing if you wanted to.

For a quarter, Denver looked feckless with no pass rush nor ability to convert on third down. The Ravens moved easily for their first score and looked to add a second until Joe Flacco dumped off an interception deep on his own side of the field, leading to the first of two touchdowns to Orange Julius Thomas, the tight end you’ve already put a waiver claim on in fantasy.

Possessions were exchanged then the Ravens punted deep into Broncos territory to Wes Welker, who started the game well by catching Pey-Pey’s first three completions. But no only did Welker foolishly decide to field a punt inside the 5 in traffic, but he dropped it, immediately turning it over to Baltimore. Al Michaels exclaimed “OF ALL GUYS”, forgetting that Welker has had more a few critical drops over the years, but whatever, he’s probably drunk.

Ray Rice managed not to be vultured out of a TD. The Broncos tied it up on another TD pass to Orange Julius then you put a second waiver claim on him in case the first one didn’t go through.

Baltimore had a chance to take a touchdown lead just before half when Dallas Clark dropped a wide open pass and a bunch of purple camo people mourn the injury of Dennis Pitta.

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