Ravens-Steelers Live Blog, First Half

11.18.12 5 years ago 760 Comments

After an unforeseen somewhat competent version of Chad Henne appeared in Houston, there is a touch more hope that a better than useless Byron Leftwich could emerge for what at one point seemed like a game worthy of its Sunday Night Football timeslot. By which I mean, still not a lot of hope. The Ravens put up 55 points last week. Granted, that was at home against against the awful Oakland defense. Still, if they put up more than 24, that’s probably too much for a Leftwich-led offense to keep up with.

Ben Roethlisberger is 6-2 in his career against Joe Flacco, including two playoff wins, but the Steelers are 0-4 against Baltimore without THE BEN since he drafted in 2004. It’s almost as though quarterback play is critical in today’s NFL. It’s okay, though. Pittsburgh gets Rashard Mendenhall back on the field for the first time in more than a month. Up until last week, the Steelers had been able to run pretty well in his absence. But he’s back now, so here come the fumbles.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration, Suggs. Still, there have been Baby Jordan nicknames before. Surely there’s room for a Rapey Jordan nickname.

While the Ravens defense is a sad husk of its former self, even a husk is good enough to stifle a quarterback with a 10-second release.

But who knows? Maybe Ray Rice will be too scared to block James Harrison again and Joe Flacco will be knocked out of the game. Then at last we’ll have the Byron Leftwich-Tyrod Taylor showdown we’ve longed for lo these many years.

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