Ravens-Steelers Live Blog, Second Half

11.18.12 5 years ago 829 Comments

The Byron Leftwich Experience was exciting for the opening drive. He went deep to Mike Wallace, and the Ravens corner had to hold Wallace to stop a touchdown, drawing a pass interference flag. Two plays later, Byron Leftwich – yes, Byron Slow As F*ck Plodding ran for a 31-yard touchdown on the once formidable Baltimore defense.

Then, of course, the Steelers started sh*tting on their own dicks. Mike Wallace fumbled inside the Pittsburgh 30. Baltimore did nothing, but got their field goal. Jacoby Jones later took a punt back for seven, giving Baltimore a 10-7 lead, even though His Eliteness Joe Flacco had done nothing. On the subsequent Ravens drive, Flacco had his one nice pass of the half, hitting Ray Rice on a sideline wheel route to set up a long field goal attempt that Justin Tucker promptly Cundiff’d.

So the Steelers are more or less dominating the line of scrimmage but still losing. Probably not a good sign for a team starting its back-up.

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