Ravens Win Super Bowl XLVII Via One Of The Most Controversial Non-Calls Ever

02.03.13 5 years ago 179 Comments

The Ravens held on to win a mess of a Super Bowl. There was an extended delay because of a power outage and the game was decided by two terrible non-calls on what might have been a 49ers game-winning drive. We’ll never know because Corey Graham Jimmy Smith got away with helmet-to-helmet contact on a defenseless Michael Crabtree on third down and there was flagrant holding on that 4th down play.

As regulars of this site know, I’m a Steelers fan, so I deal with Ravens fans a great deal. There are dumb things about every fan base, but the persecution complex is what defines Ravens fans more than anything. There are few fan bases in all of sports that spin conspiracy theories concocted against them like the Ravens.

Baltimore just won a Super Bowl in large part because of calls in their favor. It’s not the only reason they won, of course. Joe Flacco played a hell of a game, as odd as that is to write. If San Francisco hadn’t allowed Jacoby Jones to take the opening kick of the second half back for a touchdown, then San Francisco has just tied the Steelers with six Super Bowl titles.

Still, those are mammoth officiating screw-ups. If ever again you hear a Baltimore Ravens fan claim the NFL hates them, and they will, I invite you to smack them in their stupid fucking face. That said, Ravens fans will never be able to really enjoy this. I know this from experience. The Steelers victory in Super Bowl XL is constantly questioned and impugned. It sucks, it eats at you, and I would argue Steelers didn’t even get the gift in that game that the Ravens got today. Baltimore fans will experience this as well. It might be the only consolation for them winning, well, except for San Francisco fans not getting to enjoy titles in baseball and football within the span of a year.

San Francisco got robbed. We got robbed. Because even with the outage delay, that ended up being a hell of a game. Credit to the Niners for storming back. They had Baltimore’s forever overhyped defense dead on that final drive. Baltimore got away with it, fitting in Ray Lewis’ final game. Ray Lewis was terrible in it, by the way. He totally deserved to lose.

Looking to the bright side: it’s nice that Ed Reed got a ring. He’s a great player and a stand-up guy. The victory and Super Bowl MVP ensures that Joe Flacco gets a Drew Brees type of deal. He played great the last few games, but we know that the aberrant streak of greatness from a quarterback who is mostly just above average most of the time. Hell, Ravens fans hated him until about a month ago. They’ll hate him again in time.

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