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Megan Retzlaff

Ray J Shoots Down Whitney Houston Sex Tape Rumors [The Urban Daily]

What Do Tyler, the Creator and Glenn O’Brien Have in Common? [GQ]

If You Want A Job, You May Have To Turn Over Your Facebook Password [Business Insider]

Mistah F.A.B. Explains Why He Decided To Mentor V-Nasty & Kreayshawn [The Well Versed]

Jay Cutler’s Kid Is Already A Huge Star [With Leather]

Oil Money [Gwarizm]

Why “Meth Babies” Will Never Be The New “Crack Babies” [Clutch Mag]

Alison Brie Looks Pretty, Spoils ‘Mad Men’ [Warming Glow]

If Don Draper Handled Modern Marketing [Uproxx]

Obama Vs. The Yakuza [The Spizzy]

New Israeli Law Bans Underweight Models In Ads [AP]

New Jersey Still Arresting Medical Marijuana Patients [HMJ]

Stussy X Lowe Alpine GORE-TEX Jacket [SlamxHype]

El DeBarge Arrested Again For Drug Possession [News One]

What Is Up With Forbes’ Hip-Hop Coverage? [GrandGood]

Connecticut Voters Heavily Back Medical Marijuana [Toke Of The Town]

Hefner’s Son Pleads No Contest In Playboy Playmate Attack [NYDN]

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