On Ray Lewis And The Best Post Game Speech Ever

01.29.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

It’s often been said a person has to witness damn near losing everything to realize he or she actually has the world at their fingertips. There aren’t too many people in sports who understand that previous sentence more than Ray Lewis. Between Lee Evans’ dropped touchdown and Billy Cundiff’s botched kick, the Ravens have been in the news for all the wrong reasons since last Sunday. Rough times indeed for the organization and their fan base, but Lewis’ locker room speech following the loss was anything but depressing.

@SantomMcDopeness hit me on Twitter tagging the clip as “the best post loss speech ever.” And quite frankly, I’d have to agree because is there any room for debate? Ray’s soliloquy drove home the point that even with the loss’ near unshakable pain, it’s still just a game. A dropped touchdown hurts, but watching a family member die from cancer hurts more. A missed field goal that would have sent the AFC Championship into overtime cuts deep, but seeing a loved one return from military duty in a body bag cuts even deeper. A powerful, almost indescribable moment indeed (although I’m trying) that every football player at every level needs to internalize, the lesson to take away from it expands far beyond the sidelines. Life is bigger than one play or one mistake. Pick yourself up by the boot straps and keep moving because regardless how bad your situation may currently be, 99.3% of the time there’s someone out there who would swap problems with you in a heartbeat.

Your prayers are someone’s blessings. And your blessings are someone’s prayers. That’s powerful once you realize how true it actually is.

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