Ray Lewis Has Spray-On Hair, Cried About Being Parodied On SNL

01.29.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

The media onslaught is on in New Orleans, with Ray Lewis’ farewell game serving as the main subplot to the HarBowl on Sunday. Everyone knows Ray-Ray is going to interviewed thousands of times this week. No one knows this better than Ray Lewis himself, because the most dangerous place in the world is the space between Ray Lewis and a camera. That and any number of other dark alleys that Ray Lewis might occupy.

Knowing that he would be on camera untold times this week, Ray-Ray had to get himself right. That means filling in his hairline with Hair in a Can. Such a lustrous shine that spray gives off in the bright lights. I say we call him Spray-Spray for the rest of this week.

Ray had to go with the fake hair, because only his SNL impression is allowed to go on camera with a skullie.

Ray was asked on Monday whether he saw Kenan Thompson’s terrible send-up of him during Weekend Update on this past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live”. Ray said he thought it was so funny that he was in tears. Might that actually be a self-deprecating comment from Lewis, given that the SNL impression was largely making fun of his forced weeping during the Anthem at the AFC Championship Game? Possibly, but more likely it was just more of the usual Ray Lewis bullsh*t to please the media. There’s no way anyone thought that was funny. I’ll laugh at just about anything making fun of Ray Lewis and I thought it was stupid.

In the meantime, better to revisit a funnier example of SNL goofing on Spray-Spray.

TV Funhouse- Ray Lewis by AC310DC

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