Is this Ray Rice’s OKCupid profile?

02.19.14 4 years ago 38 Comments


In todays female empowered culture it seems like forever since theres been a male whose guilty of spousal abuse, but its important to remember that bullying can go both ways and this Ray Rice incident should remind us all that there are also rare occasions where men are the aggressors in domestic violents.

Seems fitting that Rays a elevator type guy letting “technology” do all the work for you. This whole incident could of been avoided if he was a Stairs type guy but I guess the only escalator Rice pays a tension to is the ones in his contract.

But reading about this incident made my Spidey sense tingle, so I used my online skills to track down Ray Rices OK Cupid profile to see exactly what this guy was into sexwise. The results should of been a warning sign…




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