Reaction To Anthony Weiner’s Confession That He’s Been An Online Flirt

06.06.11 6 years ago

When will they learn?
No, seriously, when will the leaders of this country learn that you can’t do the stuff the Anthony Weiner and Chris Lee did on the Internet? Sexual desire and human attraction are strange and mysterious things that can drive normally sane people to do insane things, but this is just as dumb as dumb gets. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY ON THE INTERNET, PEOPLE! Get over it.
I want to feel sorry for these people, I really do. Like just about everyone, I’ve met people online via Twitter and Facebook — and Myspace back when Myspace was a thing — that I’ve found myself attracted to for one reason or another. But what compels married U.S. congressmen, even the most hopelessly lonely stuck in painfully loveless relationships, to take naked pics of themselves to send to strange women on the web is something I doubt I’ll ever be able to wrap my brain around. So instead, let’s make fun of them mercilessly, shall we?
With that said, Twitter was on fire today with the news that Anthony Weiner has been creepin’ on women he met through social media. Here are a few of the tweets that made me laugh the hardest. Enjoy…
(Top diagram . Lower one via Mr. Hippity)
And my own, of course…

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