Ready To Buy Star Wars…Again?

01.10.11 7 years ago

Continuing the long, grand tradition of Lucas not releasing Star Wars until near the end of a format’s relevancy, Star Wars, the original trilogy is hitting Blu-ray.
Oh, yeah, also the prequel trilogy, you know, if you need a set of coasters.
Before you ask, no, we don’t know if Lucas will finally admit defeat, stop pretending that three of the highest grossing movies ever with obsessive insane fans might just so happen to have a pretty good original 35mm print out there that Lucasfilm could restore, and slap on Blu-Ray. He certainly hasn’t stopped pretending that the original trilogy and the prequels are even playing the same sport, forget being in the same league, as the trailer for this will attest. Personally, I’m sticking with my DVD set, which is, you know, not a freaking eyesore.
By the way, something funny? This was announced in August at the official Star Wars convention, but nobody cared until CES. Way to go with the cultural relevancy, George. Trailer with commentary on the next slide.

My only comment is this: George, stop trying to make us love the prequels. We don’t care about Darth Vader’s origin story. We never did, and trying to cut in clips of the movies we love with the movies we don’t isn’t going to change that.
[ via the much more excited Geektress ]

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