Real-Life Superheroes Turn Their Eye To Prostitutes

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05.02.11 3 Comments

The New York Initiative is a group of superhero costumed individuals who usually hand out supplies to the homeless or call the police when a crime is occurring. They’re going to be expanding their scope, however, as a serial killer in Long Island has murdered as many as ten people (at least four of them prostitutes). The New York Initiative is now offering their protection services via Facebook and through a Craigslist ad because, no matter what Craig tells you, the prostitutes are still all over his list despite the deletion of the adult services section.

The NYI is also offering “practical martial arts training free of charge, as well as improvised weapons training free of charge”. Ninja prostitutes?  Has anybody bought the movie rights to this yet?  Because they should.

After the jump are some pictures of members in costume along with a video from the New York Post. Here’s a funny sentence from the video. See if you can spot the irony:

“Life” is the alter ego of Chaim Lazaros. He’s a twenty-something Harlem resident and co-founder of Superheroes Anonymous.


[via BleedingCool and NYPost, banner picture via Orangehouse]

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