Real T@lk – “Method 2 My Madness” Video

04.06.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Don’t think Real T@lk The Poet went into syndication or even quit his day job for that matter. The Sitcom LP is still considered prime time cinema in his cubicle, minimized with lowered volume so his boss can’t ruin the show. Picturesque Hip-Hop from a podium is his angle and even a 4 x 6 tighter-than-gnat-booty workspace can’t box the Chicagoan in.

Then again, if your sitting at your desk bellowing out angry rap lyrics, it may be time to spend those vacation days you’ve been hoarding.

Download/Stream — Real T@lk & Authentik Made – The Sitcom LP

Spotted @ The Doctor’s House

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