Redskins-Cowboys Live Blog, Second Half

10.13.13 4 years ago 547 Comments


Dallas made it look easy out of the gate with a barely impeded opening drive that featured one third down and ended with a DeMarco Murray touchdown. The Redskins returned fire with a nice looking opening drive of their own, but it ended with a RGIII scramble ending short of the goal line, resulting in a field goal

The teams appeared to be exchanging scores when a Tony Romo pass was tipped into the hands of Rob Jackson for the game’s first turnover. Though RGIII has looked quicker and sharper than other starts this season, it hasn’t translated into more points, as penalties killed Washington in the first half.

A Redskins punt bounced around and eventually went off the butthole of Cowboys special teamer B.W. Webb then was recovered by the Redskins. The refs overturned the ball, however, ruling that Webb was blocked into the ball. That was a questionable call, but by rule it’s a judgment call by the officials and thus not subject to challenge.

The Cowboys fared better on special teams later as Dwayne Harris took it 86 yards for a score to put Dallas up 14-3. Washington special teams coordinator was hit with a 15-yard penalty for obstructing an official on the sideline. The final Redskins drive featured terrible clock management as well as a bizarre penalty on Rod Marinelli for yelling at an official for a wrong call. In the end, it produced another Kai Forbath field goal.

So neither team looks particularly great. Meanwhile, DeMarcus Ware left the game, rendering moot any advantage Dallas had between terrible defenses. If Washington can actually summon any blocking for RGIII, they might be able to take it. Provided they don’t give up any more special teams scores.

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