Rejoice! You (maybe) no longer need DirecTV to overpay for Sunday Ticket (sort of)!

07.16.14 3 years ago 39 Comments

Remember when some high profile NFL players debated DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket monopoly? Well, their pleas were heard and now maybe or maybe not because of DirecTV’s new deal with AT&T, you can maybe or maybe not shell out dough for access to Sunday Ticket – sort of – without a DirecTV subscription. A new site, launched today, outlines all your options and it comes with a price tag, of course, but, really, can anyone put a price on football as long as concussions aren’t involved? I didn’t think so.

Ahhhhhh but there’s a catch because there always is. You can get access, sure, but only as long as you live in an “eligible zone,” something you can find out by entering in your billing address on the site. An unscientific survey (i.e., me entering in every address I’ve ever lived at) showed some were eligible for the streaming package but some were not, thus meaning some people, like my parents, will continue to be stuck with what the local TV affiliate has to offer them. Sorry, mom and dad, enjoy those crappy AFC South games.

But if you *are* eligible? The cheapest deal covers portable devices and laptop/desktop but doesn’t include Red Zone. The next step up only covers consoles. And the most expensive option, $330 total or $19.40 per week for all 17 weeks, includes everything: Red Zone, mobile app access, laptop, and consoles. But with the advent of things like Chromecast and other nifty tricks and hacks, chances are you won’t be left wanting for putting the stream on your big screen. Provided your ISP gives you a fast enough stream to handle it.

So, no, it’s not perfect. It’s not available to everybody. It’s not having direct access to Sunday Ticket via your cable box, something that would probably be a bit cheaper and higher quality (lest your wifi suck), but at least you don’t have to shell out $50 on shitty beer every weekend at your local Fargo bar while watching your hometown Jags crap the field. But it sure as hell is better than nothing, I guess.

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