Relive a Classic Example Of Mel Kiper Looking Dumb

05.01.14 4 years ago 39 Comments

We’re still – STILL – a week away from the start of the 2014 NFL Draft, so we’re left with little more than front office smokescreens and needless further player evaluations from former GMs. Might as well revisit a little draft history, specifically when Mel Kiper has looked like a jackass. Hard to narrow down the examples, but the NFL conveniently released a short documentary of the time Kiper blasted then-Colts GM Bill Tobin for drafting Trev Alberts and Marshall Faulk in the first round of the 1994 Draft instead of Trent Dilfer, followed by Tobin laying into Kiper on-air.

Granted, Alberts was a bust, but the decision to go with Jim Harbaugh at quarterback proved to be the better move, as the Colts advanced to the AFC Championship Game in 1995 before landing Peyton Manning three years later. Meanwhile, Trent Dilfer was at best mediocre in his six years in Tampa before becoming the King of Game Managers with the Ravens in 2000.

Some highlights:

Trent Dilfer with hair! Trent Dilfer being considered a top prospect!
Tobin interviewed today: “I THINK I PROBABLY GOT MAH IRISH UP!”

Sadly the video does also feature a half-joking one-liner from Peter King bashing Kiper, as if PK has any right to judge.

[via Lost Letterman]

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