Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice so Prince Amukamara could party at bar mitzvahs

05.26.14 3 years ago 16 Comments

It’s Memorial Day, so posting is going to be a little lighter today. We let Ape out of his cage to go roam freely for a change, so I assume he’s off in his natural habitat somewhere playing Madden and telling his cat Jean Grey about all the continuity errors in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Don’t worry, PK is coming, just a little later than usual since those of us on the best coast just woke up. (Just kidding, woke up an hour ago but didn’t get out of bed until just now. You wouldn’t rush out of bed to read King’s column either.)

Take some time today to reflect on the lives sacrificed so the rest of us can continue on doing important things like explore space, research how we handle PTSD and cancer risks, and have fun, like Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara partying down at a bar mitzvah. May we all feel such unbridled joy.

[H/T Adam Kramer]

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