Reminder: Deadshot Takes Aim At ‘Arrow’ Tonight

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10.24.12 104 Comments

The assassin who never misses unless he’s aiming at a superhero will get his live-action debut tonight on Arrow. And, actually, I’m really looking forward to it.

Arrow has been a very surprising show over the course of two episodes. Stephen Amell has handed in a strong lead performance, and the writing has been surprisingly strong in some respects.

But the reason I’m looking forward to this episode is that Deadshot may be able to actually kill somebody onscreen for once.

One of the problems with Deadshot as a character in terms of adapting him is that he’s a cold-blooded killer, and PG-13 ratings aren’t generally kind to those. The result is generally a lot of talk about how great Deadshot is, and then he gets beaten like a third-grader. Even Batman: Arkham City ultimately ended with Floyd getting taken down in the most embarrassing fashion possible. Arrow, however, will happily feature its hero snapping some poor shmuck’s neck, so I’m hopeful Deadshot will finally get his due even if he had to shave his mustache to do it.

As usual, I’ll be jumping onto this post with snarky comments as the action goes on, especially if Ollie’s sister shows up, yet again, to complain about how easy he had it living for five years on an island hellhole while she was waited on hand and foot. Hand and foot, people!

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