Remy Martin Will Be A Free Woman Soon

07.21.14 3 years ago 9 Comments
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It may feel as if Remy Martin has been locked down for more than a decade, but the former First Lady of Terror Squad’s been down for six years. Start the countdown now for her release as the BX’s own confirmed to Power 105’s Angie Martinez (still sounds weird to say), that she’ll be home in exactly 10 days, or in prison lingo “nine days and a wake up.”

Angie pries into Rem’s life as they discuss what being married to Papoose is like, how much (and how little) her time in the belly of the beast has changed her and what her relationship with Fat Joe resembles these days.

Harking back to her release for a second, color this guy enthused. Much like Boosie, expecting her to hit the ground running and re-acclimate into the hustle and bustle lifestyle Hip-Hop commands* from its talent is in several ways unfair and unrealistic. Yet, if Rem’s stepping into the batter’s box swinging and connecting on anything close to “Hottest Bitch On The Market,” complaints will be few and far between.

That Remy and Nicki collaboration already sounds mad aggressive, B.

* – Not to mention just life itself in general.

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