Repeat After Me: “I Will Not Take Tax Advice From Trina Or Any Rapper”

01.12.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Once rap jumped the shark and became commercially viable, artists shilling for corporations chasing the cool made sense. Still, a line exists that will shift a product endorsement from acceptable to side-eye status. Example: Trina as the spokeswoman for Tax USA. Trina hawking rapid refunds services? Thou shalt never take tax suggestions from rappers, word to Jermaine Dupri. In fact, rappers repping for financial services of any sort should raise an immediate eyebrow from anyone of average wit. I don’t want a RUSH card, Russell, and I don’t want a Young Money debit card* either, not even as a novelty gift.

To Trina, I say well played. The advert isn’t as entertaining as when I heard LL playing a pooch for a Toyota RAV4 commercial ** but it was awkwardly enjoyable nonetheless. Assuming Tax USA is a local establishment, I’d say you’ve served your community well (even though we’ll assume strippers stack all cash and don’t answer to the IRS like that). A genuine, warm smile appeared on my face when they sprinkled pixie dust across the screen at the :07 mark and again at :12 when you diverted your eyes to read the cue cards. Trina, you’re a natural and I’d wholeheartedly cosign including you in the next Gang Of Roses installment when the time comes.

In the meanwhile, get paid, girl. That’s easy red bottom money.

* – If you have either of these cards, you shouldn’t be offended by me. Be pissed at yourself for signing up for it.

** – He set the bar very high.

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