These ‘Reply-All’ Email Nightmares Will Make You Think Twice Before You Press ‘Send’

By: 09.23.16


Imagine this: You’re at work; you receive an e-mail from a coworker begging everyone to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign paying for their kid’s braces. And because you’re in an extra snarky mood, you send an e-mail back to one of your work pals with a quip about how straight braces won’t save that kid’s face, if he’s inherited his father’s striking looks. And then you hit send.

And then you realize.

You hit the “reply all” button.

It’s a nightmare terrifying enough to make anyone wake up in a cold sweat. And unfortunately, iterations of that story have happened to many, many people — all thanks to that gosh darned reply-all feature. Who needs it? Isn’t there a way e-mail clients can come up with a little dialogue box that pops up asking you to confirm your choice of “reply all” before you go and make a terrible fool of yourself and/or put your job and friendships with your coworkers on the line?

Until that day, you’ll just have to be careful each time you send a non-professional e-mail off the cuff — and remember the cautionary tales of others who have messed up big time.

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