REPORT: Aaron Hernandez Told Two-Way Mirror He Shot Odin Lloyd

07.10.13 4 years ago 57 Comments


Aaron Hernandez admitted to a two-way police mirror that he shot Odin Lloyd, according to court documents obtained Tuesday by the Associated Press.

“That’s right, I shot him. Right in the face. Saw the last breath leave his body then we dumped him out back,” Hernandez bragged to a two-way mirror with four officers behind it taking notes. “Ain’t no one gonna find out, either. Who gonna snitch on me? Nobody.”

“This is all between you and me, mirror,” Hernandez said grinning, according to documents.

The incident happened on June 26, the day Hernandez was arrested and formally charged with murder. Hernandez was brought in to Attleboro Court for arraignment and further questioning. While there, officers left Hernandez in a conference room alone to wait for his attorney. The officers, meanwhile, observed him through the two-way mirror.

Within minutes of officers leaving the room, Hernandez approached the mirror and began boasting about how cleanly he thought the murder played out.

“That dumpster down the street, behind the 7-11, where I tossed the gun?” Hernandez said, presumably to himself. “Perfect spot. Couldn’t have drawn it up better.”

Officers were astonished by how freely Hernandez gave up the information. Also, that he did not suspect that he was being monitored. Once Hernandez was done incriminating himself, officers entered the room to inform him what he had revealed to them. They also told him they had his confession on camera, which caused Hernandez to lunge for the camera in an attempt to destroy the footage, which he believed to be contained within the camera.

“We actually let him smash the camera,” an officer said. “We knew it would cost the department some money, but damn if it wasn’t hilarious.”

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