Report: Incognito harassed Dolphins staffer, bigger a-hole than anyone realized

11.20.13 4 years ago 69 Comments


Because the Dolphins Bullying Scandal isn’t crazy enough with sadistic twists and turns, here’s another one for you. Sources told the National Football Post that Richie Incognito and another player took the harassment beyond just Jonathan Martin, allegedly harassing a Dolphins staff member including mocking his ethnicity and saying some pretty damn demeaning things about the guy’s wife. This coming from a guy who apparently held meetings at a strip club is just shocking, I tell you. From the Post’s report:

According to one of the sources, Incognito would sometimes dress in garb from the staff member’s culture and then make profane jokes about that culture. A second source said that at least one other player joined in on the antics, creating an extremely uncomfortable environment for the staff member.

Worse, Incognito said on a number of occasions that the staff member’s wife had sexual relationships with several members of the team.

The most troubling element to this is that the behavior was done in view of other team staff members and was allowed to go on without being curtailed by team management or front-office staff.

There aren’t any more details as to the identity of the staffer, exactly what “culture” he was a part of, and what the alleged mocking entailed. Nor are there any reports that Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland suggest that staff member just knee Incognito in the crotch the next time the guy slandered his wife. Either way, this is going to look pretty bad seeing as how the team’s treatment of the Martin situation is being investigated, you know, right now. And it makes Incognito’s posturing to Jay Glazer all the more ridiculous.

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