Report: More Incognito shenanigans uncovered in Ted Talks

11.24.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

Richie Incognito

The Richie Incognito/bullying investigation continues to churn out new juicy tidbits that’s sure to make The Rog’s ginger hairs stand on in, stuff that makes the harassment of a former team staff member seem pretty tame by comparison. In his Sunday Buzz column this morning, the Miami Herald’s Brian Jackson dropped several interesting and incendiary nuggets (yum) on the ongoing investigation as Ted Wells’ first round of interviews have concluded.

A few of the highlights (or, rather, lowlights):

  • “Reactions varied widely” as to how much the “N-word” was tossed around in the Dolphins locker room.
  • Jonathan Martin was on the receiving end of a “malicious physical attack” during a party at Mike Pouncey’s house in 2012 with Incognito serving as the ringleader, thus pushing “teasing” over the line into “assault.” Allegedly.
  • Pouncey allegedly acted as Incognito’s hype man during incidents, “providing a live laugh track” while Incognito did his Incognito things.

And Jackson also brings up another incident that Incognito has already dealt with the league over.

According to a Dolphins source, Incognito paid in the ballpark of $30,000 to quietly settle a case with the woman whom he was accused of sexually harassing and molesting (with a golf club) at a 2012 team charity event.

As ESPN’s Adam Schefter has noted, Incognito was summoned to the league office before the 2012 season to discuss two off-field incidents. One was the golf event and the other involved misbehavior that was the result of drinking, according to a Dolphins source not authorized to give other details.

So there’s that.

Incognito also sat down with Wells last week, a meeting that took eight-and-a-half hours over two days to get through. So this is clearly not the last we’ll hear of Incognito, nor should we be shocked if his name winds up invoked in other incidents, including kidnapping the Dolphins’ live, field-goal kicking dolphin mascot.

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